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I’m sad to announce that after five years, I have to stop teaching, at least for now. I’m having severe health issues and have been unable to find a doctor to take on my case. When things change and I’m able to teach sewing classes again, I’ll post a notice here.

In the meantime, please enjoy our multitude of sewing articles! If you’re looking for beginner-friendly help, check out the how-to guides in Sewing Basics.  More advanced specialized techniques can be found under Tutorials.

For a glimpse into the creative process, take a look at my Sewing Diaries. Many are for historical costuming, but there’s also home decor and crafts, modern garments, and even a few doll costumes! You might also enjoy the Articles I’ve written on a variety of topics related to sewing and costuming.

If you’re looking for sewing supplies or books, browse our Notions Shop, courtesy of Amazon.com.

There’s also my blog (below), where you’ll find sewing hints and tips, book reviews, studies of antique fashion plates, and commentaries on sewing, fashion, and historical costuming.

I will strive to keep this site updated occasionally with new content, as my health permits, so check back once in awhile!

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Faux-Suede Handbag Diary

When I found a gorgeous faux-suede in olive green, with copper foil accents, I knew I had to make something beautiful from it. I decided on a hobo bag!


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Steampunk Bra Challenge

CogsWhen my local sewing guild challenged each member to decorate a bra, I decided to go with a steampunk theme. The result was quite fun!


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DIY Pressing Cabinet

DIY Pressing CabinetAlong with a sewing table and cutting table, every sewing room needs a pressing station. It might be as simple as an ironing board . . . or as deluxe as a pressing cabinet, like the one I just made for myself! Take a look.


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Replicating a Costume

EpaulettesHave you ever wanted to copy a favorite costume from TV, film, or theater? Replicating an entire costume can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! In this two-part article, I’ll outline the five steps of reproducing a costume, and then demonstrate them while making a doll-sized replica of a costume from The Phantom of the Opera.


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Contact Form Fixed!

Apparently, there’s been some kind of issue with our Contact Me form. It should be fixed now, so if anyone has been trying to send me messages about taking sewing classes, please try again!

Thanks for your patience.

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Basics: Pinking Shears

Pinking ShearsPinking shears cut with a zigzag edge that resists fraying. However, there’s a trick to using them correctly. In this new article, you’ll learn when and how to use pinking shears, along with lots of tips for successful pinking.


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Sewing Hacks Mention

Sewing HacksYesterday’s Thimble was recently mentioned in a blog post by Sue of Sewing Furniture.org! Her post is called “Sewing Hacks Galore: The Best Out-of-the-Box Thinking,” and it links to several different blogs that discuss sewing hacks. She was kind enough to include a link to our article: “10 (Unconventional) Sewing Hacks,” which lists unusual items that are helpful in the sewing room.

Thanks, Sue!

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Improving Theatrical Costumes

Collar & CuffsAre you in charge of the costumes for an amateur play or musical production? It’s a daunting challenge for anyone! In this three-part series of articles, we’ll discuss all manner of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your theatrical costumes, even if you’re on a budget.


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What to Wear: Rules for Victorian Dressing


Do you know the difference between a Victorian morning dress, afternoon dress, and evening gown? What about a dinner dress vs a ballgown? Do you know what’s appropriate to wear while swimming, skating, playing croquet, or cycling? In this two-part article, we’ll explore the intricate rules for Victorian dressing.


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New: Student Portfolio

Over the years, I’ve had some very talented students! Would you like to see some of their projects? Take a look!

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