Welcome to Yesterday’s Thimble!

Looking for sewing classes? You’ve come to the right place! If you live near Memphis, TN and want private sewing classes, please read About Sewing Classes, our Student FAQ, and our Tuition Policy FAQ.

If you’re looking for sewing tips, check out the how-to guides in Sewing Basics. More advanced tutorials and specialized techniques can be found under Tutorials.

For a glimpse into the creative process, take a look at my Sewing Diaries. Many are for historical costumes, but there’s also home decor and crafts, modern garments, and even a few doll costumes! You might also enjoy the Articles I’ve written on a variety of topics related to sewing and historical costuming.

If you’re looking for sewing supplies or books, browse our Notions Shop, courtesy of Amazon.com.

There’s also my blog, where you’ll find sewing hints and tips, book reviews, studies of antique fashion plates, and commentaries on sewing, fashion, and historical costuming.

Do you have a particular sewing topic you’d like to see discussed? Contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

About Lisha Vidler

I am a sewing instructor living near Memphis, Tennessee.
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  1. Matthias says:

    Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Melissa. It has been my home for more years than I care to raevel. I’ve lived on both sides of the mountains, and if you get too water-logged, come east. We quilt on the east side too. I like the flying geese project. Chain piecing certainly does speed up the process of assembling many parts for a whole. I came upon your blog through Bellaonline out of New Zealand and Australia. Keep stitching.

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