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Yesterday’s Thimble Terms of Service and Privacy Policy—Updated 12/31/2014

I. Copyright
Unless otherwise stated, all written and visual content belongs to Lisha Vidler and is copyrighted. (Exception: Images that are in the public domain.) Copyrighted content may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission. If you’d like to use one of my articles or illustrations, please ask. (For more information, view our Copyright Notice.)

II. Comments
We reserve the right to delete any comments that are deemed offensive or inappropriate. By commenting on an article or blog post, you automatically grant permission for Yesterday’s Thimble to quote or use anything you say, without expectation for compensation or attribution. In other words, if you comment with a suggestion, I’m free to use it as I see fit. (But I will try to credit you, if possible.) You retain the copyright to what you’ve written, so you are always free to reprint your comments elsewhere.

III. Privacy
Yesterday’s Thimble will never sell your personal information (including your email address) to anyone. Nor will you be put on any mailing lists without your permission. Be aware, however, that if the authorities request user-information as part of an investigation, we will disclose whatever details they require.

IV. Liability
While we will take every precaution towards keeping this site safe and easily accessible, Yesterday’s Thimble cannot be held responsible for server outages, hackers, viruses, or broken links.

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