Portfolio: Historical Costumes

Steampunk Costume (Original Design)

  • Truly Victorian’s TV305 (Modified)
  • Vogue #8554 (Modified)
  • New Look #6816 (Heavily Modified)

Victorian-inspired Steampunk outfit, consisting of a ruffled cotton petticoat, a tiered voile skirt, a bustled taffeta overskirt, a lace camisole, an underbust corset, and a knit jersey shrug. The skirt, camisole, and corset were store-bought, but I sewed the petticoat, overskirt, shrug, and some of the accessories (handkerchief, lanyard, hat (not pictured)).


Steampunk Costume ~ DragonCon, 2014 


18th Century Stays

  • Butterick #4254 (Modified)

18th century stays, strapless; front and back lacing. Edges bound with self-bias tape. Made of ivory taffeta.

18c Stays


18th Century Shift

  • Shift pattern from Period Costume for Screen and Stage (1500-1800) by Jean Hunnisett

Basic 18th century shift with narrow sleeves and underarm gussets.

18c Shift

18th Century Shift


18th Century Cap (Original Design)

  • Self-Drafted Pattern

18th century cap with narrow edge ruffle; made of white batiste.

18c Cap

18th Century Cap


18th Robe à l’Anglaise

  • JP Ryan’s Robe à l’Anglaise Pattern

18th century gown with flounced petticoat and ruched trim. Gown made of green and white floral cotton; petticoat made of green striped cotton.

Robe à l'Anglaise

Robe à l’Anglaise


Victorian Nursing Corset (Original Design)

  • Truly Victorian’s TV110 Corset Pattern (Modified)

1870s corset for a nursing mother; fully boned, with corded bust flaps that button shut. Flossed and embroidered. Made of lavender sateen.

Nursing Corset

Victorian Nursing Corset


Unbuttoned Bust Flaps


Closeup of Embroidered Busk


Victorian Aqua Silk Corset

  • Truly Victorian’s TV110 Corset Pattern

1870s Corset. Made of aqua silk habotai with ivory Venetian lace and ribbon trim.

Aqua Corset

Aqua Silk Corset


Closeup of Flossing


Teal Calico Day Dress (Original Design)

  • Truly Victorian’s TV208, TV460, & TV305

1870s Day Dress. Trained skirt, bustled overskirt, two-toned bodice. Made of shot cotton, ivory sateen, and a floral print calico.

Teal Calico Dress

Teal Calico Day Dress

“Wishing” Dress

  • Truly Victorian’s TV201 & TV422 (Heavily Modified)
  • Self-Drafted Overskirt & Train

1870s Day Dress—Replica of Christine’s “Wishing” Gown from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. Made of blue print cotton, with navy cotton accents. Trimmed with white embroidered lace, and various blue and ivory braids, ribbons, and tassels.

Wishing Dress

“Wishing” Dress


Natural Form Petticoat (Original Design)

  • Truly Victorian’s TV208 (Heavily Modified)

Trained Petticoat from the late 1870s. It has an historically-correct double ruffle and a drawstring to cinch the fullness behind the knees.


Trained Petticoat, Front View

Petticoat Back

Trained Petticoat, Back View


1876 Natural Form Ballgown (Original Design)

  • Truly Victorian’s TV208 & TV460 (Heavily Modified)
  • Self-Drafted Overskirt

Natural Form ballgown of shot taffeta and charmeuse. Liberally trimmed with damask ribbon and beaded fringe. Made for the DPP Competition at Your Wardrobe Unlock’d.

Ballgown Front

1876 Ballgown, Front View

Ballgown Side

1876 Ballgown, Side View


Closeup of Rear Bodice

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