Copyright Notice

Written Content
The articles, tutorials, diaries, and blog posts found on this website are protected under US copyright law. You are welcome to print any of my articles for your own personal use, but please do not make multiple copies to distribute. If you want to use copies of my articles in a classroom setting, please contact me for permission.

Likewise, please do not reproduce any of my articles on your blog or website. You may link to any of my pages (and if you do, please let me know!) or you may use brief quotes, if you provide the article’s title, author, and URL.

Visual Content
Many of the photographs and drawings found on this website were created by me and are therefore protected under US copyright law. You may share any images you like on Pinterest, but please do not put them on your own website without permission. (If you want permission, ask!)

As for other illustrations:

  • Antique fashion plates are in the public domain and are therefore free for anyone to use.
  • “Permission-free” pictorials, like many of Dover’s publications, authorize the use of ten images per project/publication. I consider each article to be its own publication/project, so I will never use more than ten of these images per article or blog post.
  • Antique works of art are copyright-free; I found most of them at Wikimedia Commons.
  • Photographs I’ve taken of books fall under the Fair Use provision of US copyright law, since they are for the purpose of reviewing that book.
  • If an image belongs to someone else, I’ve obtained permission from the copyright owner.

If you would like to use any of the images shown on this website, please contact me for permission.

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