Quick Fashion Tip

You know how some ladies’ slacks have fake back pockets? Sometimes, those pockets aren’t actually fake. They’re simply basted shut. Don’t ask me why, I’ve no idea! But several times, I’ve had to carefully unpick the stitching holding the back pockets closed.

How can you tell if they’re fake pockets or not? Check inside the pants. If there are pocket bags, the pockets are real. You can use a seam ripper to quickly undo the basting.

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I am a sewing instructor living near Memphis, Tennessee.
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2 Responses to Quick Fashion Tip

  1. Jolene says:

    I knew this for blazer pockets but didn’t know about back pants pockets! Haha. Thanks!

  2. Glenn Calderone says:

    Lately I’ve purchased several men’s suit coats with fake inside pockets. I haven’t tried ripping the seams to see if they’re just basted close or have no pocket bag. It’s hard to tell just by feel.

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