Silk Dupioni & Georgette Curtains

Sunday’s Someday Projects: Bedroom Curtains

I need curtains for my bedroom. My new comforter is a warm, dark purple—almost a wine color, but more purple—and my accent colors are lavender, soft gold and dusty green.

Purple Comforter

Purple Comforter

There are two windows in my bedroom: a small, narrow window, and a wide double window. I haven’t quite figured out how to drape the small window, because it’s situated against a corner, with the molding right up against the wall. There isn’t room for a curtain rod, not unless I mount it directly to the molding, so I still need to figure that out.

For the big window, I fell in love with a set of curtains in The Design Directory of Window Treatments by Jackie Von Tobel*. I tweaked it a little and came up with a sketch I liked.

Curtain Sketch

Curtain Sketch

I have the fabric already. The green is a burnout georgette. The lavender is a shot silk dupioni. The privacy curtain underneath will be a plain ivory cotton. I might line the curtains with ivory muslin to protect them from the sun.

Curtain Fabric

Green Burnout Georgette & Lavender Silk Dupioni

The problem is, I’m concerned that the colors won’t go well with our new comforter. The fabrics were bought based upon our old comforter, which was a much lighter grayish-purple. But our cats accidentally ruined that one, and the dark wine-purple was the best we could find after more than a year of searching.

Basically, I need to drape the fabrics at the window to see if they’ll go with the comforter. Then I just need to start measuring, cutting, and sewing. My biggest fear is cutting the fabric and having it not fit the window. Every time I sew curtains, I get the measurements wrong somehow. Even if I double check before cutting, they still end up wrong. The fabrics I bought were not cheap, so I’m afraid of cutting them too short or too narrow and not having enough leftover material to fix the problem.

I also need a decorative curtain rod. I keep forgetting that little detail.


Have you ever made curtains? Do you have any tips or tricks on how to get the measurements right?

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