Ivory Privacy Curtains

Wednesday’s Project: Ivory Privacy Curtain

Our front door has a large glass window, which we need to keep covered for privacy. Until recently, we had a cafe rod mounted at the top of the window, draped with a sheet. Now, I’m pleased to say, we have a real curtain up.

I used a twin flat sheet from Walmart, which cost around $4. And some thread. That’s it!

You’d think something like this would be simple—and it is. But somehow I managed to flub the first attempt. I’m still not entirely sure what happened. I measured the window, I measured the curtain. I added a very generous four inches to turn under and hem for the curtain rod pocket. And somehow it still ended up a good six inches short!

Since that fabric was cut too short for the window, I used a second twin flat sheet I had on hand. This time, I measured several times: before cutting the fabric, after cutting the fabric, before sewing the hem, after sewing the hem. I even dragged out the ladder and held the half-sewn curtain up to the window to double-check. All that effort paid off!

My husband installed a curtain rod at the bottom of the window, to anchor the curtain in place—and voila! We have a nice-looking curtain on the front door, instead of just a sheet hanging there.

Finished Curtain

Finished Curtain

Now, I just need to make matching curtains for the back door, as well as the dining room, master bedroom, master bathroom, and our spare bedroom. . . .

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