Ironing Board Covers

Sunday’s Someday Project: Ironing Board Covers

I have two ironing boards in my sewing room: a full size (52″) and a tabletop (30″). Both were cheap. They’ve lasted me ten years without complaint, but their pads are thin enough that I can feel the metal grid underneath when I press something. After so many years, the fabric is discolored, too.

Tabletop Ironing Board

Tabletop Ironing Board

I jumped with glee when I found Butterick See & Sew 5636, a pattern that includes an ironing board cover. I have two suitable fabrics, both sturdy twill—a pale aqua and a pinkish-lavender. I plan to make one of each. I also found a lavender print (baroque scrollwork) that I’m considering buying, for a spare.

Making the cover should be fairly simple. Once the edges are covered with bias tape, I can run a drawstring (or elastic) through, to cinch the cover up to fit the ironing board, or I can attach these elastic clips to hold the cover in place.

Elastic Clips

Elastic Clips

First, though, I need a proper ironing board pad to go under the new cover. Preferably something thick enough that the metal underneath won’t get hot and warp every time I press something. You can buy ironing board pads at Amazon, so I’ll probably just order two and cut the second one down to fit the tabletop ironing board.


Have you ever made an ironing board cover? What tips do you have?

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