Aqua Plisse Blouse

Wednesday’s Project: Aqua Plisse Blouse

When I walked into Hobby Lobby a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with a cotton plisse they had on display. It had so many things going for it.

  • The color, for aqua is my favorite color to wear
  • The texture, a subtle bumpy pattern
  • The print, a sort of Baroque scrollwork design in a darker turquoise.

Then too, I loved it because it wasn’t your typical quilting cotton, which is what Hobby Lobby usually sells. This was obviously fashion fabric. I bought five yards, enough to make a blouse and a dress.

Aqua Plisse

Aqua Plisse

For the blouse, I chose Simplicity 2690 (view C, modified), because it looked easy to make and easy to fit. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Oh, there was nothing wrong with the pattern—but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. This was one of my first garments, and I didn’t realize that you have to make a mockup in order to test the fit. I made the pattern straight up . . . and of course, it didn’t fit.

I also didn’t realize that if you press plisse, the texture goes away. Therefore, the side seams and the hem are flat, like regular fabric, while the rest of the top has a pebbly texture. So disappointing!

I altered the pattern somewhat by adding short sleeves with elastic at the edges. For the neckline inset, I used a pale aqua batiste, which didn’t look as good as I’d hoped.

This was definitely a learning experience. I would like to make the pattern again—with a mockup to perfect the fit, this time.

Aqua Plisse Blouse

Aqua Plisse Blouse


Have you made a garment that turned out nothing like you’d hoped? Share your story with us!

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