All About Me: III

Monday’s Mish-Mash
All About Me: III

What is my workspace like?
Some sewers are meticulously organized. They have countless little boxes, each labeled with its contents: ribbon, thread, lace, buttons, trim, elastic, patterns, etc. Others are chaotically disorganized. They claim they can’t channel their creativity unless surrounded by their fabrics and trims and recent projects. I fall somewhere in between.

I strive to keep my sewing space tidy and organized, but let’s face it—there’s a lot of stuff! I have one room, fairly compact, that’s dedicated to my career of sewing. A large double window takes up half of the outside wall, and I have my sewing area arranged in an efficient L shape. Here is a diagram of the room.


Map of My Sewing Room

In this room, I have two short lavender bureaus that are filled with fabric, and three plastic dressers filled with fabric and unfinished projects. I have two tables, one of which holds my sewing machine, and one of which serves to hide two large tubs of fabric. Two more tubs sit beside it. I have a bookcase stocked full of sewing books and my larger patterns. The smaller patterns fit in a pretty little box that sits on one of the tables.

Bureaus, Mirrors, & Dress Form

I also have a quaint little cabinet that holds all of my fabric scraps and projects that are on indefinite hold. On top of this cabinet is my “traveling” ironing board, which is set up permanently where it’s easy to access for pressing as I sew.

Pressing Station

Pressing Station

On top of my sewing table I have two tiny plastic dressers, about twelve inches high, that hold all of my notions and things such as elastic, bobbins, embroidery thread, and presser feet. My thread fits into two plastic bins designed to hold spools.

Sewing Table

My Sewing Table

There is also a small closet to which I’ve added custom wood shelves. The shelves hold stacks of neglected mending, still more fabric, and shoe boxes filled with lace, ribbons, zippers, buttons, and all variety of trims. Hanging up in the closet are several of my historic costumes. When the closet is closed, that corner becomes a three-way mirror, with my dress dummy in front of it. So, yes, I am rather organized. And yet, I wish I could be more so! I would love a set of shelves in the room, a bigger bookcase, and perhaps a wardrobe of some kind.

The room is painted a soothing aqua-blue and has a wallpaper border that contains shades of blue, green, lavender, and pinkish-purple. The curtains are sparkling ombré, fading from lavender to aqua, held back with matching ombré chiffon ribbon, and topped with a lavender chiffon window scarf. Some of my accessories are aqua, some are purple, and some are green. This color palette relaxes me, comforts me, and inspires me.

Color Palette

Inspiring Color Palette


What about your sewing room—are you organized? Do you work best when you’re organized or chaotic? What colors inspire you?

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I am a sewing instructor living near Memphis, Tennessee.
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