Business-Casual Blouses

Sunday’s Someday Project
Business-Casual Blouses

I’ve recently realized the shortage of business-suitable attire in my wardrobe. I’ve already discussed my plans to make a couple of blazer-style jackets, but for warmer weather I’m going to need some lightweight blouses to wear instead. Something fitted and professional-looking, both stylish and sophisticated, but not too fussy. Here are a couple blouses I had in mind, based on one I found on and one from Kohl’s:

Fashion Sketch

Fashion Sketch #1

Fashion Sketch

Fashion Sketch #2

I have a lightweight embroidered khaki lawn that would work nicely for one of these blouses. I also have a copper-colored crinkle satin that could work, a very dark olive green sateen, and a sky-blue eyelet that might be acceptable. I’m not totally sure about the eyelet, it might be too busy of a design for the simple style of blouse I have in mind. I could always purchase some plain broadcloth or batiste, as well, to make more of these blouses.

khaki lawn

Khaki Lawn

blue eyelet

Blue Eyelet

Of course, I would have to make a mock-up first, because I am notoriously difficult to fit when the garment is snug and/or fitted. Blouses and jackets always end up cutting into my underarms because they’re too tight across the back. So, it’s going to be a lot of work. Plus, I’d have to make a lot of buttonholes for the closure, unless I came up with some alternative, like hidden snaps with fake buttons, or something. Buttonholes have always been difficult for me, since my machine doesn’t like to do them properly. I usually end up doing them by hand, instead.

Still, I do need these blouses, and rather quickly—so I think I’m going to have to suck it up and get them done.


What do you think—should I try a hidden snap closure with fake buttons, or risk the wrath of my sewing machine when it finds out I want it to make a couple dozen buttonholes? Which fabric should I use first—the khaki lawn, the copper satin, or the blue eyelet?

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