1930s Lingerie for Gene

Sunday’s Someday Project:
1930s Lingerie for Gene

Simplicity 9527 features several pieces of sexy vintage-style lingerie for the 16” fashion doll Gene. They are all from the 1930s or 1940s: a full slip, tap pants, a teddy, a full coverage bra, garter belt, and stockings.

Fashion Sketch

Fashion Sketch: Vintage Teddy

Recently, I acquired three Gene dolls from my grandmother and since the dolls are styled from the classic Hollywood era, I would very much like to make a set of vintage lingerie for them.

Gene Dolls

Gene Dolls: Redhead & Blonde

While in Southern California last year, I visited a huge fabric store called M&L. It’s always hard to find fabrics that are suitably scaled for making doll clothes, but while browsing their tables I found a lovely silk-rayon blend that is lightweight, thin, and fluid—perfect for a doll of Gene’s size. It was also expensive, so I only bought half a yard. But that should be more than enough to make several pieces of lingerie.

Champagne Silk

Champagne Silk-Rayon Blend

The only thing I don’t have is any sort of antique lace with which to trim the lingerie. Several pieces are meant to be embellished with lace appliques. I may be able to find something suitable at Sandy’s Lace and Victorian Trims. If all else fails, I can try my hand at tea-dying some white lace to match the silk.


Should I bump this up my list of Things-to-Do? If I make this pattern, which pieces should I start with—the bra and panties set? A slip? The teddy? They’re all lovely!

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