1831 Archery Outfits

Friday’s Fashion Plates: Archery Outfits, 1831

Today we have two outfits designed for archery from La Belle Assemblée magazine. (Click any image to view it full-size.)

Archery Outfits

Archery Outfits from La Belle Assemblée, 1831

In 1831, the Romantic Era was just beginning. Waistlines dropped to a more natural placement after the ultra-high empire waists of the Regency period. Shoulders sloped considerably and large puffed sleeves were the height of fashion. Skirts were A-line, yet full.

The costume on the left is a deep green with gold accents. The bodice has a high V-neckline and a white Van Dyke collar. The dress itself is rather plain, but still quite pretty. It buttons all the way down the front with gold buttons. The long, tight sleeves have full double-puffs just below the shoulders and there is a wide belt at the waist. The skirt is walking length, hemmed at the ankle.

The lady wears a pair of matching two-toned green boots, short buff-colored gloves, and large drop earrings. From her waist hangs a quiver of arrows. Her hair is pulled up with curls at the temples and is topped with a large white hat, trimmed with green and gold, and that boasts a great many white ostrich plumes.


Left: Closeup of Bodice


Left: Closeup of Skirt

The outfit on the right is a little fancier, with a shot silk skirt and elaborate trimming on the bodice. The bodice has a high V-neckline that’s edged with a thick lace ruff. The shoulders feature lace epaulettes atop large blue puffs that are banded with white. The remainder of the sleeves are long and tight. The front of the bodice is decorated in military style, yet the overall effect is quite feminine. The A-line skirt is walking length, and it appears to be made of shot silk that shifts between white and blue.

The lady wears short, white gloves and a wide belt. Like her companion, she carries a quiver of arrows at her waist. Her hair is parted at the center and pulled up with large curls at the temples. She wears a wide, white hat that’s topped with ostrich plumes. She also wears coordinating blue boots.


Right: Closeup of Bodice



Right: Closeup of Skirt

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